Chapter 4: Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage

This was 1/3 hotels I stayed at during 2016. I made a dumb-ass mistake by not taking any pictures of the other 2, but fortunately I did remember to do so for the 4 nights (Sun, 9 Oct – Thu, 13 Oct) at Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage.

I paid just under £300.00 via Expedia for a double sized bedroom (approx 203 sq feet) which was more than enough space for 1 person. Like most decent hotels you are provided the typical: free WiFi, TV, fridge, free toiletries, slippers, pyjamas, hair dryer, ironing board and iron, air conditioning and daily housekeeping. Bonus Points: A currency exchange machine (at reception), coin laundry and tumble-dryers (on another floor) were readily available.

Upon arrival the staff were delightful and very welcoming. I also received a complimentary sample pack of bath salts and lotions. The room was impeccably clean and felt very cosy. Another surprising factor was the pin-drop silence kept across all hours, hallways were as quiet as a library and fellow guests on the same floor were very friendly people. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on my beauty sleep, taking deep hot baths and falling head-over-heels for Japanese washlet toilets -true love at its finest-

Location-wise, it’s conveniently placed near the Skytree and across the road from Oshiage Station. Not being connected to a JR line and having an active JR pass at the time, kinda stung me in the face.

*Note to self: Must do proper research before booking a non-refundable deal*

On the brighter side it wasn’t a blow-in-the-head expensive amount I had to pay: ¥240/per journey from Oshiage to Shibuya using the Hanzōmon line (40 minute journey). Akihabara wasn’t far and took about 20 minutes to reach with 1 transfer.

The hot spot highlights: Skytree, Sumida Aquarium, Museums, plenty of food places, shops and throwing in a Pokemon Centre made it all worth while!

Overall, a pleasant stay!

Check-in opens in 72 days…


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