Chapter 27: Osaka Castle (大阪城天守閣)

IMG_0974_副本IMG_0984 (1)_副本IMG_0982 (1)_副本IMG_0973_副本

Like a fairy tail. The area was very peaceful and full of tourists around the world. I recall it being a very warm day, the sun was shining and the air was so fresh. This was the first Japanese castle I got a chance to see up close last year. The beauty and the intrinsic design was very overwhelming. Coming from someone who has only seen European castles, this was like a treasure box filled with gold and the finest pearls.

✈Osaka: Check in starts in 12 days. . .

✈Fukuoka: Check in starts in 86 days. . .


11 thoughts on “Chapter 27: Osaka Castle (大阪城天守閣)

    1. Hi John!!! Thanks for the recommendation!! I’ll see if I can fit it in my schedule because it’s quite tight at the moment because I will need to fly off to Okinawa. 😊


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