Chapter 28: Yakiniku, Kobe Beef & Horse Meat in Japan


Beef is my favourite meat, and Kobe Beef is number one when it comes to texture, variety and taste! I went to 2 different restaurants, one was 牛車 (Gyusha) in Nagata Kobe, and the other. . . I had sadly forgotten but it was near Nishinomiya station (Where I also experienced eating Horse Meat in Photo No.2 & 3) I remember packing in so much meat in my system I felt like a bear going into hibernation. But, all was worth it!! Horse meat is similar to beef, but I prefer the latter any day! It’s only because the quality is so different (Literally on God’s level) to anything I’ve ever had in the past. Money well spent I must say although, I don’t recall exact numbers but, for 2 people it was definitely well over 10,000円.

✈Osaka: Check in starts in 11 days. . .

✈Fukuoka: Check in starts in 85 days. . .


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