Chapter 35: Kitano Temman Shrine in Kitano-chō, Kobe



There’s just something about wooden architecture in Japan, beautifully crafted and well maintained. Simply, enchanting! When you do most of your travels solo, it feels so much better in my opinion. Yes I have to admit, sharing the experience is amazing which I did on several occasions. I’m gonna be honest, I’m a selfish person and want things done my way and I can’t please everyone. So doing ‘a lot of walking’ wasn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s in my bible, you see more when you walk more. (Only applies when I’m on holiday) Kobe is definitely one of my favourite places to visit, it’s a lot more chill than the bigger cities.

✈Osaka: Check in starts in 4 days. . .

✈Fukuoka: Check in starts in 78 days. . .


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