Chapter 36: Sushi & Fugu (Pufferfish) Sashimi in Japan


The salmon in Japan taste slightly different to the ones I’ve had in the UK, it doesn’t have that fatty goodness to it. This was the night were I found a new love for Uni (Sea Urchin), currently my favourite. What was more interesting was the fact that I had the chance try Fugu (Pufferfish), I didn’t expect it to look so delicate and almost see-through (Last Photo). Taste-wise, it was very subtle, close to tasting like nothing, but a little sweet and slightly chewy. When I was in school, one of my teachers told me how there was a myth of when one was to eat Fugu, one would taste when they would die.

✈Osaka: Check in starts in 3 days. . .

✈Fukuoka: Check in starts in 77 days. . .


7 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Sushi & Fugu (Pufferfish) Sashimi in Japan

  1. Japan! I really am a fan of Japanese cuisine. Their food is light and the flavors are not that strong. I hope to taste Fugu someday. That is, if I have the guts to try it when the opportunity comes. Haha. Great post by the way! More power!

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