Chapter 39: The Beauty of Hiroshima, Japan



There’s something special about Hiroshima. History and culture. All so rich you could smell it in the air. It was October and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. It was warm and the skies were beautifully painted. Hiroshima is a place of peace, I could really feel it in the people, it was beautiful. I took the shinkansen from Kobe to Hiroshima early in the morning, using what was left of my JR Pass. Upon arriving, it was indeed Japan, but far more tranquil, a lot of the places were like art, standing still and lost in time for us to admire and learn about its past.

✈Osaka: Flying out on 23-11-2017

✈Okinawa: Flying out on 27-11-2017

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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