Chapter 46: Prize Machines in Japan


Prize machines are nostalgic! And a huge part of my teenage years! Since Trocadero closed down in London, I haven’t been to arcades that have many of these prize machines. In Japan there’s like a family of beasts! You’d see them in the arcades in the city and the prizes are all so tempting, especially Nyanko-Sensei in photo 1 (Although I have a big pillow version in my room) cuteness never dies! I was surprised to see figures available for the grabs! Pringles and snacks (in photo 6) which I don’t think I’d go for, I’d rather buy a basket full from the shops.

✈Osaka: Flying out on 23-11-2017

✈Okinawa: Flying out on 27-11-2017

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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