Chapter 48: Himeji Castle Illumination Winter 2017


I was planning to make Himeji Castle a place of interest after my hair cut. Little did I know, also getting a straight perm, hair dye and head spa took over 5 hours (I have very short hair by the way) plus they threw in a back and shoulder massage. But it was worth every second! It helped me loosen up my jet-lag and I was ready to fly. By the time I made it to Himeji, it was already dark. However the closer I got to the castle the more I saw beauty at its finest. The illumination lit up with piano music in the background making the whole experience slightly emotional where it touched my heart. It was expected to be crowded as it is one of the top tourist places to visit. The lights on the ground would change colour, from blue, green, red, pink to orange as if it was dancing to the melody. The lanterns in the sky appeared to resemble full moons. The castle itself from afar was like a painting. This was definitely one of my favourite memories. If I were to revisit Himeji Castle, there would be daylight and more time to explore.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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