Chapter 58: Solo Travel to Japan


Since I was a kid I’ve been afraid of heights and airplanes. I’d have scary thoughts of ‘I may crash and burn!’ I’m slightly clusatrophobic and don’t do well in small and cramped places. I’d have nosebleeds a lot and it’s all so troublesome.

Last year I went to Japan with company and the feeling wasn’t as bad. I was shaking at the beginning but slowly got used to it after a few panicky moments. This year I made it a mission to get over my fear of flying. I went from London to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Osaka and also, Kobe to Okinawa. It was a bit nerve-racking at first but it became smooth sailing from there. But during one of the flights it was slightly bumpy and we were told to remain in our seats for a while as we were experiencing some turbulence. . . Nevertheless, all was good!

Travelling solo to the other side of the world can really awaken your inner common sense! Independence! Planning and thinking skills. Japan is a wonderful country to visit and there’s so many more places I’m dotting out for my next trips. Definitely recommend doing it solo at least once in your life!!

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018



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