Chapter 63: Okinawa Kariyushi LCH. Izumizaki Kenchomae Hotel


A 2* budget hotel only charging 3890 Yen / Night for the Room Type A, small single with a 2nd floor. Although there are no amenities such as shampoo, toothbrushes or breakfast, you at least get your clean daily towels and a hairdryer, there is a vending machine on the ground floor for you to purchase soaps, lotions, slippers etc. The hotel is right above Lawson’s so buying snacks and food can’t get any easier. The room is perfect for 1 person with 1 medium luggage, it can be slotted in nicely underneath the table. I spent most of my time out and about so the only requirements I technically needed was a place to crash. The shower has no door but you can use the curtain seal away your nakedness and keep the water from splashing everywhere. I had 2 TV’s in my room, one on the lower floor for when I’m snacking, and the other upstairs for laying in bed. The lower floor was layered with tatami mats and you get a comfy kneeling cushion. Customer service was amazing, staff members were very welcoming and kind. The location was great, only a few minutes away from Kumoji and Kokusai-dori. Plenty to eat nearby and it’s sandwiched between 2 stations, Asahibashi and Kenchomae. I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely recommend this little hotel for budget travellers and backpackers, if space is a problem, there are bigger rooms available. There is also the sister hotel around the corner called Kariyushi Premium.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


9 thoughts on “Chapter 63: Okinawa Kariyushi LCH. Izumizaki Kenchomae Hotel

  1. This is quiet clean and perfect for one person at this price, can afford for sure. Like all other times this article is informative and thanks for sharing, you are a good japan guide for starters. Cheers , happy stay in okinawa. 💖✨🍀🎶

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      1. It’s called Hokkaisou. A Japanese style hotel with real Tatami and a Futon to sleep on. Although it is roughly half the way towards the coastline. There is a supermarket in the area, that’s the place I went to, to get something to eat. Although full disclosure: they have a curfew from I think 00:00, but that was entirely ok for me 😉

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      2. Agreed. And additionally: food is always good in Japan. There might be some that is not great, but I never had bad food when I was there. Whenever I was on a day trip, and felt that I could eat something, I just went to a shop or small restaurant, and never felt that the food I had eaten was bad.

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