Chapter 65: Okinawa Japanese Pigeon?


What is the name of this type of pigeon? I found it taking a stroll near Naha Beach. I first came across the species when I went to Shiawase no Mura in Kobe during 2016, it was also taking a solo stroll on the pavement before flying away. This was my second encounter, I felt lucky to see it again. This time I was camera ready! Unlike the typical grey coloured ones you’d find just about anywhere, this little cutie had highlighted brown feathers and bright red eyes. If this was a Pokemon I’d catch it and have it in my party! 🐦

Edited: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*After doing some research this may very well be a dove? Called the Oriental Turtle-Dove (Streptopelia Orientalis) / Kiji-bato. *<<

Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018



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