Chapter 70: On the Road in Okinawa


Being on the road in Okinawa was the best thing ever!! The weather was beautiful, it was about 24 degrees compared to mainland Japan where at the time it was only 10 degrees, the sky, the waters, and the air was all too perfect!! The view of land and sea was truly magnificent and an experience I’ve never had up until now. All so new and refreshing! Also, I have never seen so many palm trees in my life!!

Okinawa remains as a very special place in my heart. The tropical paradise of its own beauty. Another thing I love about Okinawa was the fact I felt people here are more friendly and open compared to big cities and towns. Also Okinawa is culturally distinct and very different, they have their own language, dialects etc. Their own history, traditional music and songs. I’d often hear ‘Mensooree’ (Welcome) and ‘Haisai!’ (Hello); which I find super cute because it always sounds so cheery!! I’ll definitely be revisiting Okinawa again in the future! It’s one of my current favourite places to visiting in Japan that doesn’t feel like Japan.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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