Chapter 92: Okinawa Ducks by Ryutan Pond


I was exploring Shuri and and found myself at Ryutan Pond, nearby Shuri Castle. There was a family of ducks. Very distinct looking ducks in fact, I’ve never seen before. They all appeared as if they were heading for a masquerade party! The red skin around their eyes looked very charming as if they were wearing make-up. They were very friendly creatures and weren’t scared to let me be close, they seemed very peaceful or maybe they just didn’t care. Most wild ducks in London would start to move away if humans approached them. Ryutan Pond is a very peaceful and beautiful place to stop by if you’re visiting the castle. I wasn’t prepared to encounter ducks, and certainly not a family of unique looking ones.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


3 thoughts on “Chapter 92: Okinawa Ducks by Ryutan Pond

  1. These are feral Muscovy ducks. They are from both North and South America and found in some European countries perhaps eggs were shipped there and incubated by duck fanciers or they migrated there somehow. There are many here in Texas and many people raise them as domestics. I love your phots. They are beautiful.

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