Chapter 101: Habushu (Okinawan Snake Wine)


I was in Kokusaidori during one evening and found a shop selling alcohol with snakes inside. It certainly isn’t unheard-of in Asian countries to have snakes in alcohol, it does however come across as a strange yet fascinating discovery when you see it with your own two eyes. ‘Is it fake?’ I thought to myself for a second because the snakes do appear plastic looking. But, it’s the real damn thing. I know in China they have baby mice in alcohol and I’ve heard about other crazy things like lizards and scorpions. If you fancy something with a bite to it, you can actually purchase bottles of habushu and take them home with you. I heard it’s supposed to have some health benefits (mainly to help boost male virility) and it’s quite strong to deactivate the venom from the snake making it safe to drink. It may go down with a burn.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


8 thoughts on “Chapter 101: Habushu (Okinawan Snake Wine)

  1. I have tried the chinese snake wine, scorpion and wasp. I also tried some “home brew” version with tiger bones and other stuff that my friend was not able to translate. All of them are quite strong and medicinal tasting. Fun!

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