Chapter 136: Red Bean Taiyaki (Fish Shaped Waffles)


Taiyaki! A hot, cute and freshly made snack with the most delicious red beans hidden inside! It wasn’t overly sweet and would make a good pair up with green tea. Unlike regular pancakes, the batter is slightly chewy and more dense with almost no-taste which creates a good balance with the red bean paste! There was a stand down Inari and I think it was about 150 Yen each. They had Red Bean, Vanilla and Chocolate. Would love to try different flavours!!

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


12 thoughts on “Chapter 136: Red Bean Taiyaki (Fish Shaped Waffles)

      1. Hahahahaha!! I almost was like did i say that (oh it’s a comment, duh). Although you can try to do that, but your screen will most likely just end up with an imprint of a taiyaki hitting the screen 😭 no taiyaki 🤣 for it being funny.

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