Chapter 164: GAME Taito Station

Game Taito Station in Shinjuku
Kirby and Small Balls of Cuteness
Shiba Inu Plushies
Pompompurin Premium USB Aroma Fresheners & Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Blankets
Little Twin Stars && Rilakkuma Plushies
BIG Pompompurin Plushies
Gudetama Plushies Wrapped in Bacon


Adorable Pikachu Plushies!!
Alolan Pokemon Starters
Rowlet!! One of my favourite Alolan Pokemon!

I’m not a huge gamer but do love Pokemon! Currently Ultra Sun! I thoroughly enjoy visiting game arcades in Japan, this time I went to Game Taito Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was packed and busy as ever!! There’s just so many prize machines, I wish I could summon my non-existent claw grabbing talents and win a whole lot!! Game arcades are not to be missed!! Even if you don’t play games, it’s always good to have a look, you might just find something interesting.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 164: GAME Taito Station

  1. I absolutely love the ufo catchers in Japan! I only played a few last time I was there but got lucky on some small prizes. I’ve heard that the staff at Taito station are super nice, so if they see you struggling sometimes they’ll move the prize into an easier position if you ask ^_^

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      1. I chose Rowlet as my starter in Ultra Sun, I named her Olympia after the mountains.
        I did not let it evolve — it is too cute. I raised it to 100 level then used a gold bottle cap to hyper train it. She can hold her own with most Pokemon I would encounter.

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