Chapter 172: Pop Up Stands at Tokyo Character Street


There was a pop-up stand down Tokyo Station on Character Street. I’m not sure which series/game these men are from but I couldn’t resist taking a lovely photo of all four. As a good person I walked on minding my own business after mentally drooling over them. As a bad person I had that split second thought of wanting to steal them but I would fail to get pass security…then get thrown into jail…come out on probation and attempt another Handsome Animated Guy Pop Up Stand Kidnapping…I’ll confess ‘Guilty’ for falling in love again and the circle never ends.

They’re all just freaking cute, I love their designs and this kind of art is absolutely beautiful!! I want to be swept away into a fantasy world like SAO (Season 1 only please)!! It might be unfair, sad, and cruel but in all honest truth, base on appearances, the one standing on the far side >>>>>> In RED takes the win! Not too sure about the sandals but it does work with his overall attire. If you know the title of this series/game, please let me know!!


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