Chapter 174: Pompompurin Café (ポムポムプリンカフェ)


Pompompurin Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Character cafes are to die for!! I just simply can not-not go!! It was a quiet afternoon, after doing a lot of walking, it was time to head over to a cute cafe for some lunch. Pompompurin Cafe is smacked in the middle of Harajuku down Takeshita Street inside of the Cute Cube Harajuku building on the 3rd Floor, the place of funky fashion and bundles of cuteness!

I was welcomed in by a lovely member of staff who showed me to my seat. I ordered a coffee and the roast beef don which both came pretty quickly! I suffered from the ‘To eat or not to eat syndrome’ as all was just an overload of cuteness. Taste-wise, the roast beef don was hitting a more bland scale, nothing spectacular, like most character cafes in Japan, it’s more about the presentation and experience. For fans, you can purchase some merchandise at the corner of the shop! A bonus gift, you can keep the coasters and take it home with you.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon well spent. The bill came to about 2000 Yen (ish) so it wasn’t extremely pricey to be surrounded by joy.


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