Chapter 176: Roppongi Hills & Tokyo City Night View & Serpentiform Art Exhibition


Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

Getting a brilliant night view of the city was a great idea! Roppongi Hills offers just that for a price of 1800 yen. It’s a little bit more on the pricy side for me but for the experience, a one off ticket isn’t so bad. The night was still young but there were so many tourist around from all over the world battling to get a picture. So it was pretty packed inside. But, tolerable! The view was spectacular and I couldn’t’ imagine it to be any better. If you’re in the area, it may be an option for something to do during the day/night.

Serpentiform Tokyo Art Exhibition.

They were featuring an art exhibition which was thrown in with my ticket. To be very honest, I don’t understand modern art, so at the very least all I can do is have a look at the colours and displays. Some people understand it and can draw out certain emotions, feelings etc. But I’m just a wooden log staring blankly at something quirky. The theme was obviously about, snakes. There were also jewellery at the end of the route, very lovely shiny pieces. I’m sure my sister would have enjoyed the snakes more than me, since she’s probably much more in tune with these kind of things. Overall, it was great way to end the night.


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