Chapter 177: Unicorn Gundam Giant Robot in Odaiba Tokyo


In all honest truth. I visited Odaiba mainly to witness THIS! Freaking amazing GOD piece of creation. The live size Unicorn Gundam Giant Robot smacked outside the shopping mall. Not only a statue but it does MOVE! When I arrived, there was a ring of people whipping out their cameras and phones. I was one of them. Excited and a little overwhelmed. It’s a must see when you’re in Odaiba ~ Especially for the fans.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 177: Unicorn Gundam Giant Robot in Odaiba Tokyo

  1. I was really sad when I heard the news they were taking away the gundam in Odaiba. But when I heard they were just replacing it with a new gundam I didn’t feel sad any more. The new gundam looks nice. My favorite gundams are from Gundam 00.

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