Chapter 186: Roast Pork Natto Tonkatsu at Ibaraki Marché (茨城マルシェ) Tokyo


涷みこんにゃく〜 Konjac
ご飯セット〜Rice Set
味噌汁〜Miso Soup
ローストポーク納豆とんかつ〜Roast Pork Natto Tonkatsu
元気豆腐〜Genki Tofu


One stomach and one mission!

To try NATTO TONKATSU!! Yes, pork cutlets have always been a favourite of mine, the crispy…the tender!! But Natto on the other hand has never been as amazing, just could never get over the strong plastic taste. In the morning on TV they were doing a talk show about Natto and said how some chiefs have combined it with pork cutlets. Out of curiosity I went to Ibaraki Marché near Tokyo Station one evening for dinner and decided to try out their advertised menu. I ordered some extras too! Some crunchy konjac dipped with sea salt, miso and rice set (I can’t live without rice and miso) an also tofu! Because I just love tofu!!

The Natto + Pork….I have to say…the combination of flavours mixed well. And I was very satisfied with the meal and could go for seconds if my stomach could stretch! 5/5!! It’s like how I don’t like raw tomatoes alone but if you make a sandwich for me that has cheese with it, I’ll eat it because it taste like pizza. Worth the try and now I need more!!


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