Chapter 188: Tokyo Curry Lab


Tokyo Curry Lab at the one and only Tokyo Tower!!

When I saw the name of restaurant I thought ‘Science!’ 

And that they must be conducting some currylious experiments inside.

Japanese curry and Indian Curry are very different. I ordered a simple beef sirloin curry and it tasted like a fusion of both worlds. Portions were a bit small but satisfying (depends on what you order to be honest), the taste was spot-on, being mildly spicy, the beef was very tender and full of flavour (Chopped into thin slices and sprinkled with black pepper) it was just what I needed on a cold day. It was empty and I was the only customer at the time because I visited during a quiet day. Most dishes were 1000 Yen+. Customer service was ok apart from when I called for the bill but they forgot what I ordered and asked me to confirm what it was they served. So yeah, that was the first. Other than that, I was fed decent curry.


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