Chapter 192: Ikefukurou Cafe (Owl Cafe) in Tokyo


Ikefukurou Cafe (Owl Cafe) at Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

I was in the area one evening and decided to goto an Owl Cafe. There’s a few in Tokyo, I went to the one in Ikebukuro. Although it says cafe, it’s more like a petting zoo + a free drink at the end of the session on selected flavours. Some owls appeared quite comical, especially the big Snow White one who kept its beak open a lot so it looked like it was smiling or drunk. They also had hedgehogs and 1 little meerkat but they were off-duty and was resting in the back. You do have to make a reservation, I went during off-peak time so there wasn’t much people. Upon entering as expected with animal cafes, you need to disinfect your hands and step on some owl poo provided on a tray.

All the owls were very cute and fluffy. One thing I didn’t quite like, was the fact they were all tied down with some string. It’s just sad to see them like that, but I’m sure they do get some time off. As a few big owls were able to walk around freely and flutter around. Note, it does smell inside but it wasn’t over-powering. It was definitely an interesting one-off experience filled with a mixture of bitter happy. You can select an owl you fancy and have it on your arm or shoulder for a photo. . . Most owls were pretty laid back and didn’t mind being touched.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 192: Ikefukurou Cafe (Owl Cafe) in Tokyo

  1. 😢😭 I’m going to cry , it looks like that meerkats Soul has been broken . They’re usually in big packs I’m not sure they’re meant to be solitary creatures confined to a cage he needs a Buddy 😢😭😭

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  2. Yeah, looking at the photos, it felt bad to see them tied down. 😦 But thank you for sharing these posts. All of the owls look so fluffy and cute! ♥

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