Chapter 201: Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear’s Cafe)


My favourite character cafe so far!! Polar Bear’s Cafe! Just like the Anime / Manga series featuring a few animals working at a cafe. Upon entering you’d have to sign your name on the waiting list, once a table is ready for you a member of staff will come right away. I was also greeted by Grizzly the brown bear! Who would walk around the store front posing for pictures, pretending to shop around and work at the till. It was all too cute!!

Once you’re sat at your table you are given a table number, and you’ll have to go up to the counter to order your food. They do desserts and actual meals like Panda Curry. Once at the counter you have to pay for your food upfront and I was told to roll a dice twice to get 2 random themed coasters to keep!! You can sit back down at your table and the food will arrive served. I think I only waited around 5 minutes when mine came to the table. I ordered:

  • The Panda Roll Cake
  • Panda Kun’s Matcha Latte

It was about under 1500 Yen. And totally worth it!! A lot of customers came in groups of girls, families with young children and loving cute couples. I definitely recommend visiting at least once for the experience and delicious desserts. Located down Takadanobaba, only less than 10 minutes walk from the JR station, opened everyday 10-10. Which is awesome!! 5/5!


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