Chapter 203: Matsuya (松屋) Ticket Machine Fast Food


One of the most convenient and cheap fast food chains in Japan for Gyudon (They also have other dishes like curry). Ordering by a ticket machine is something I wish we had in the UK. It’s just brilliant!! You can get a full meal for about 500/600 Yen and the food would come to your table in a few minutes after handing your ticket/tickets in. I ordered a beef and rice set which comes with a bowl of salad, miso and hot tea!! Also opened 24 hours, even in the middle of the late night, there would always be people inside.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 203: Matsuya (松屋) Ticket Machine Fast Food

  1. Looks delicious! That would be very convenient here in the States as well. Although I doubt the food would be very good, unfortunately. Fast food here is just terrible. But that (your photos) looks so delicious!

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  2. I share your appreciation for the restaurant vending machines and I wish we had them in the States. And I’m amazed at the tastiness of cheap Japanese food.

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