Chapter 258: First Cabin Capsule Hotel in Osaka Kansai International Airport (ファーストキャビン)


I spent one night at a capsule hotel at the Kansai Hotel before an early flight. They had 2 options, 1 being the economy choice of an actual capsule and the other being the first class choice with a tad more space. I went for the latter option in hopes to feel a bit more comfortable. Customer service is good as always, staff spoke both English and Japanese. You are provided with amenities .e.g the usual toothbrush, towel and pjs…Showers and toilets are located down the hallway and are shared spaces. Men and women are separated in the building, we were provided with hairdryers, skincare lotions and feminine products. A coin laundry machine was made available, along with large public bath. There is a vending machine near the entrance when you first beep in with your entry card. You have a lockable storage area underneath your bed and a good sized TV.

Although, all was pretty much good, the sleep wasn’t. Throughout the night I could hear people walk up and down the hallway with flip-flops! The sound of flip-flops smacking against their feet with every step they took was utterly the most annoying sound I have ever heard. Other than that, I was lucky to have no one in my radius snoring or chit-chatting that night. Considering the hotel was placed conveniently inside the airport it would be a good idea for those on a budget or catching an early flight. Overall my one-night-stand comes as a good experience with a few itchy patches of regret.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 258: First Cabin Capsule Hotel in Osaka Kansai International Airport (ファーストキャビン)

  1. Interesting – didn’t know capsule hotels had another option 🙂 I hope those weren’t toilet slippers people were walking in 🙂

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