Chapter 259: Japan hands-Free Travel in Namba Osaka


The next better thing than coin lockers. Although coin lockers are easy to use, they’re not always vacant, especially if you have large luggage. In Osaka Namba, they have a hands-free room. It’s very easy, quick and safe. Pop in and you’re greeted by lovely staff members, you’ll have to sign and pay up front and then you’re luggage free for the day!! It’s that easy!! They’re opened 10:00 to 20:00. I literally spent less than 5 minutes there. They are located up on the 4th floor of the Ichiei Logo Building, it’s also easy to reach as it’s directly connected to the 6th exist of Namba Station on the subway. I presume, for airport reasons most luggage us fellow tourists will have will be under 200cm (D+W+H) so the price will be the typical 500 Yen/Day. However for those who have something much bigger the price is double, at 1000 Yen/Day. Loved the convenient experience 5/5!


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