Chapter 261: Flying to Fukuoka on a Budget Deal


I was going to Fukuoka to specifically attend the last Kuroshitsuji Musical performance that was taking place at the Kurume Plaza. My journey was probably the most tiring of all journeys I’ve taken. My ticket, bought from KLM was the cheapest I’ve ever seen, it was £332.61 including VAT with a return journey transferring at Inchoeon South Korea Airport. Included in the price were shared airlines, ANA and ASIANA. The good thing was, I arrived in the evening so my body could quickly adapt to the time-change.

  • Outbound: LCY > AMS > NRT > HND > FUK
  • Inbound: FUK > ICN > AMS > LCY

The journey from London to Amsterdam was a bit of a hiccup! It started snowing before boarding and thus there was about an hours delay as they had to wait for the de-freeze men to treat the wings of the plane. Once we landed at Amsterdam they said anyone transferring to Narita Tokyo will still make the flight at gate E18. It was a big relief but I felt sorry for those who missed their own connecting flights. I still had time to grab myself a coffee and a plate of chicken caesar salad! As if good luck wanted to speak to me personally, after a few sips of my coffee the foam formed a smiling face which I thought THAT’s HOW I FEEL TOO!!

Once I arrived in Narita, I had to collect my luggage and move my body to get the Access Line which is directly connected to Haneda Airport. I was very tired by this time and the journey on the train took about 1 hour-ish. Domestic flights are less intense when checking in so the process from going from Haneda to Fukuoka was pretty much a breeze. Once I landed I collected my luggage again and had to wait for the free shuttle bus (which came like every 5 minutes or so) to take my ass to the International Fukuoka Airport for me to continue my journey to make it alive and well to my hotel.

The price was good overall. When you’re young and calm minded, it’s a good experience to add to your books. Especially when its a solo journey, it really kicks in the independence. A lot of moving around, transferring, constantly keeping awake at crucial times…In the end it was worth the £300’s but for future travels I may just opt for a more hassle-free schedule.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 261: Flying to Fukuoka on a Budget Deal

  1. I have always used Fukuoka airport whenever I go back to England from Japan.
    It’s very convenient ( only 10 or 15 mins away from the city centre by metro), not busy and easy to access to another places.
    I hope you had enjoyed your holiday in Kyushu 🙂

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