Chapter 262: Sutton Hotel Hakata Stay (サットンホテル博多シティ)


The most important thing after a tiresome flight is the accommodation!! I was in a desperate need for a hot bath and bed! I was staying at the Sutton Hotel in Hakata which is conveniently placed very close to the station (Less than 10 mins by foot) there is also a Family Mart across the road and a 7-11 within 2 minutes away. There’s also the Sumiyoshi Shrine, Canal City and plenty to eat all very nearby. Big bonus to the location!! Checking in was very easy and customer service was brilliant! I was told I had to leave my key at the front desk every time I leave the premise, and I could simply pick it up once I return. I found this quite common with more traditional hotels in Japan.

I was in a double bed room and was provided with all the general amenities. Nothing fancy or special, it was however very comfortable and I enjoyed my stay very much. The bad thing was I could smell tobacco embedded into the walls and carpets. Not exactly the best smell but I wasn’t too bothered by it. My bed was extremely comfortable, I slept like a baby every night!! To save money I opted for a no-breakfast plan and preferred to have my meals outside of the hotel. 4/5 overall.


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