Chapter 296: Ichiran Hakata Canal City Branch (一蘭 キャナルシティ博多店)


One of the most famous places to go to fill your stomachs with TONKATSU RAMEN!! With the interesting seating arrangements where you don’t interact with any staff members at all. As anti-social as it sounds it’s AMAZING!! And, all about efficiency. Luckily I made my way there early before the long queue started forming, it’s a typical sight to see so many people lining up!! Especially during lunch and dinner times.

You order through the vending machine, and hand in your tickets when you are sat. Then fill out a form to let the staff know how you want your noodles and soup. I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen Set with Raw Egg and Seaweed. The pork was so tender and soft, the noodles = DELICIOUS and the soup!! Fattening but so good! There is also an extra order sheet of paper where you can pay in cash to have more food come to you.

I also bought a ticket for dessert, I was handed over a green order plate which I would in turn be placed on the sensor to inform the staff I was ready for the sugar!! The dessert was a Matcha Annin (Almond) Tofu. It comes with a packet of matcha sauce for you to pour over the tofu. The taste was mild sweet, the texture is silky smooth, a little bit like jelly but softer.

I absolutely loved the experience of eating in a small booth, quick, easy and freaking delicious!! After the meal I had a food baby and made my way around the shopping mall to walk it off!! If you go in a group, I saw you can unlock the side of the booth so everyone sits together. I can’t stress enough how you have to go if you haven’t done so!!


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