Chapter 297: Having the Right Wallet for Japan


Unlike British Pounds or Euros, I found Japanese Notes/Bills (Especially the 10000 Yen and 5000 Yen) slightly larger in size. Although advanced in many aspects, Japan is still a cash country, I tend to find myself doing maths on the go as my wallet bulks up with more coins and paper to add. Sometimes, the hassle of re-organising and making sure all is neat and tidy can simply be a tedious job, especially if you’re on the go.

I usually don’t carry a wallet out on a daily basis to work, as London is a very cashless city with the whole contactless payment made available to payments under £30.00. It’s just easy to walk around light with my small blue card holder. The only wallet I have that is roomy and made for Japanese sized money it my Love Love Eli!! It’s getting rather old and tacky, I think it’s time to find myself a new one.



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