Chapter 352: Walking Around in Kumamoto


I really love Kumamoto. From the castle I decided to walk to Honmyoji and it a was very quiet 40 -45 mins stroll. The city was very peaceful, from the far view you can see many green moutains. The atomophere is very different from Hakata and other major cities, I felt Kumamoto was a bit more lad back. Many building were old and some runned down, the streets are far more spacious with trams running through the center, stone statues on random corners of the streets and people are very friendly. I was greeted by school kids jogging down the road, a lady in a car rolling down her window to ask where I got my cat patterned sweater and complimented my good taste, and an elderly women who asked if I was going to the temple as I appeared lost, she was very helpful and pointed out the way.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 352: Walking Around in Kumamoto

  1. Hi Tofu,
    It sounds like a relaxed place and I also like doing “walking” blogs of places from time to time. It’s a good way to show a place without concentrating on major tourist attractions. Thanks for the post :).


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