Chapter 360: Ichibuns Japanese Super Diner! (イチバンズ )


A Japanese resturant with an American twist, is what the waitress said. I was meaning to try out their wagyu beef burgers since I first laid eyes on the store front down Soho London. Located near China Town and you just can’t miss the colours. The atmophere is very pretty and I can see everything was done up taking the greatest consideration to even the smallest details. They even have automatic Japanese toilets with heated seats, 2 floors with the upper deck decorated in beautiful glass wind chimes. The ceiling even had many anime molded faces, from Pikachu, Doraemon to Hello Kitty and more.

The food took a little while to get to us. But, it was worth it. Decent beef burgers and sweet potato fries! It was a bit messy to eat the burger as it had a lot of sauce. The gyoza dumplings were also decent. And the prices were reasonable. So I couldn’t complain.


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