Chapter 370: Katsuretsu Tei Shinshigai (勝烈亭 新市街本店)


Katsuretsu Tei Shinshigai (勝烈亭 新市街本店), Kumamoto, 2018.

Trust me. This was probably one of the best Katsu meals I’ve ever had. Delicious, golden, tender on the inside, simply perfect! This was the Shinshigai branch I went to and it wasn’t overly packed around 7pm, but still rather busy with groups and couples with kids. The centre of the room has a sharing table fit for single customers, I was sat next to a lovely elderly lady who had a huge love for katsu.

I ordered a simple katsu set (Pork Cutlets, Fried Tempura Shrimp, came with a side dipping sauce and salad, Miso, and Rice.) I think the bill came to under 2000 Yen. So it wasn’t expensive for a very satisfying dinner. You can create your own spices, sauces, side dips via the little pots sat in front of the table. You can grind it spicy or salty, fit your own personal taste-buds. I really enjoyed my meal and the ambience of the place was abosolutely lovely with a dimmed light setting for the evening and staff were amazing, welcoming and very helpful because I’m a bit indecisive when I have too many options.


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