Chapter 371: Kumamon Square (くまモンスクエア)


Kumamon Square in Kumamoto, 2018.

They had a 3pm show on the Friday and I made it just in time to see Kumamon dance!! It’s located literally a minute away from the closest station, Suidocho (水道町駅). There were so many tourists, both kids and adults. I had so much fun, the shop was packed full of people and after the show you can buy merchandise and line up to go into Kumamons office to hi5 and hug him. You can check out Kumamon’s schedule on the official website to ensure you arrive at a good time to catch the performance. Free admission, and I simply can not get enough of Kumamon!! I even purchased a plushy and few badges. They also have a small corner cafe where you can grab a drink or snack.


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