Chapter 374: 新オトナBlend Coffee


Rich, mildly sweet and absolutely refreshing coffee. Before I went to Japan I wouldn’t drink any coffee simply because it was bitter. But after visiting Japan I began a new love for the taste of milky sweet bitter coffee. This one was so far my favourite vending machine purchase.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 374: 新オトナBlend Coffee

  1. 大人 オトナ
    This is the magic of Japanese … even it’s “ otona”. But between Kanji and katakana ,there is a big different meaning 😀
    Katakana otona オトナ indicates more something “ mysterious “ or “ interesting “..( even “ naughty” ).

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  2. I’ve had the exact opposite experience with the coffee here. I was a habitual iced coffee drinker back home in Aus but since coming to Japan I rarely touch the stuff. I don’t know what they use in it here but it’s too bitter and I can’t stand the creamer or whatever it is they use instead of fresh milk

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    1. Awwww everyone has different taste buds, and there’s just so many different types of coffees in the world. I’ve tried lavender coffee when I was in Hokkaido and still it is a favorite of mine 😊


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