Chapter 384: Kokubuhiyoshi Shrine and Jusanzuka Shrine (国分日吉神社・十三塚神社)


The day started off with some light snow, followed by contiuous cold rains and the temperature steadily dropped. On my path, I stumbled across this beautiful little shrine located roughly 20 mins by foot from Minami-Kurume Station. I was on my way to Narita-San and I didn’t spot anything interesting along the way on google maps as it was only showing me residential buildings, so this popped up to be a lovely surprise!

There were a few things to see, the Kokubuhiyoshi Shrine (国分日吉神社) itself which featured 2 stone guardian dogs. There was a statue of a bull and a wooden/bamboo torii gate towards the east. The torii is relatively new when compared to other parts of the shrine. It was built during the Japanese calender year Heisei Year 12 (平成12年), the year 2000. Although the sign reads Jusanzuka Shrine (十三塚神社) and it was also accompanied by 2 stone guardian dogs, there wasn’t actually a shrine house but instead a huge stone with gold engravings. I don’t have a lot of in-depth information to whom the shrine is dedicated to or the actual history of it, but it was definitely a lovely short visit in the terrible wheather.

〒839-0863 福岡県久留米市国分町711−1

711-1 Kokubumachi, Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture 839 – 0863


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