Chapter 388: ボラギノールA軟膏 (Borraginol A Ointment) The Best Japanese Travel Aid


Being severely jet-lagged is another story. Getting hit by a nasty Travel-Curse is probably just as unpleasant. Nothing to be ashamed of here. Digestive issues will often happen to anyone at random times, most commonly it’ll happen because of a long hual flight as your body is prone to dehydration when you’re way up in the air. Sometimes, being human isn’t always as easy as we think.

My way of dealing with it is to keep sipping water throughout my flight and ensure I get out of my seat every 1-3 hours to stretch my legs and get some circulation going. If there is an option on-board, some airlines do provide meals that are specific for dietary or religious requirements. I tend to go for a bland meal. Something light, easy to digest and high in fibre. I was fed curry one time, and that left me bloated for many hours, and you can imagine it didn’t go down very well.

When you’re in Japan, it’s good to head to the drug store, they’ll have the solution to almost all minor problems! In the city there will most likely be more than one store on the same street and usually it’s just a few minutes away from each other. They have pretty much everything from toiletries, beauty products to over-the-counter medicine etc. Typically the storefronts are loaded with healthcare products, you’ll see big signs or banners, so it’s hard to miss.

I was recommended this brand by a shop employee: Borraginol. They explained it is for the immediate treatment of anything from pain, bleeding, imflammation, or itching due to haemorrhoids or fissures caused by constipation. It also contains vitamin E and helps repair tissue and wounds quickly. It comes in 3 forms; Suppositories; Injection Ointment Applicators and Ointment. I went for the last option, being about 1200 Yen (and the cheapest) from Matsumoto-Kiyoshi. It was easy to use, up to 3 times a day. It’s a soft and silky texture, fog-white almost translucent, and non-fragranced. This ointment saved me from further discomfort and it worked like a charm.

Thumbs up to Borraginol! This little tube of miracles will be in my travel suitcase from now on. So, for those unfortunate souls like myself out there, this could be your answers to your travel problems.


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