Chapter 391: Kurume Suitengū Shrine (久留米水天宮)


This is one of the few main attractions of Kurume. Located 10-15 by foot away from the station and it’s the HQ of all Suitengu Shrines in Japan. Upon entering I could already feel a sense of tranquility as there wasn’t anyone around, it felt like stepping foot into a whole new world. I was able to fully experience the exclusiveness of the shrine grounds and appreciate its beauty. It’s located by the Chikugo River and you can catch a glimspe of the view. I’m sure on the a sunny day it’ll look even more splendid. As the weather was wet and cold, it gave the secnary a more mysterious appearance. Almost spooky but beautiful.

Suitengu Shrine is related with the element water, and it’s supposedly connected to the legend of the Kappa, which are water spirits taken from Japanese folktale and mythology. So, if you’re in Kurume and wondered why some shops were selling green Kappa mascot soft toys, this explains it. Also, in more modern times, it has defined itself to promote and bless a safe childbirth for families that are expecting. There is also a spring festival that takes place here on shrine grounds during early May each year. I can only imagine how lovely it would be in spring.

Suitengu is currently one of my top favourite shrines I’ve visited so far. It has its charms drawing out rich culture and it’s a beautiful experience not to be missed out. I definitely recommend the visit if you’re in Kurume city.


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