Chapter 393: Kurume Castle Ruins and Sasayama Shrine (久留米城跡・篠山神社)


Kurume Castle Ruins holds great history. The story stretches back to the Edo era of Japan where the Arima Clan ruled over Kurume as lords for 250 years, at that time the castle was named Sasayama, hence the exsistance of the Sasayama Shrine. There is also a memorial museum which I didn’t get a chance to visit. As the weather was very wet, the grounds were very muddy and soggy, so if you do visit during the rainy season, it’s always good to wear waterproof boots. The area was a little eerie with no one around at the time, which was predictable due to the non stop rain. The best time to visit is probably spring because it is known to have many cherry blossom trees in the area to form a beautiful picturesque scenery of pink hues. Usually the blooming season starts from late March to early April in Fukuoka, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 393: Kurume Castle Ruins and Sasayama Shrine (久留米城跡・篠山神社)

  1. This looks gorgeous and even haunting! 城 Your blog is really cool, I’m hoping to go to Japan at some point in the next year or two, so it’s very inspiring!

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