Chapter 400: Black Butler Musical『ミュージカル「黒執事」-Tango on the Campania-』2018


Black Butler Musical『ミュージカル「黒執事」-Tango on the Campania-2018

Oh! Finally I have reached 400 Posts! What’s better than 400 posts? To share my awesome experience of watching the Black Butler Musical, Tango on the Campania live viewing! It was one of my favourite arks (Book of Atlantic) in the manga and certainly it was an epic movement to push forward the plot with the reveal of the Undertaker. A smoking hot character I must say! Getting to watch the musical live was a dream come true and I really felt like it was a big accomplishment.

This was actually the last performance which took place at the Kurume Grand Hall Plaza on the 12th of Feb at 12:00. The listed main casts were:

  • Sebastian Michaelis: Furukawa Yuta (セバスチャン・ミカエリス:古川雄大)
  • Ciel Phantomhive: Uchikawa Reo (シエル・ファントムハイヴ:内川蓮生)
  • Grell Sutcliff: Uehara Takuya (グレル・サトクリフ:植原卓也)
  • Ronald Knox: Mikata Ryosuke (ロナルド・ノックス:味方良介)
  • Snake: Harashima Motohisa (スネーク:原嶋元久)
  • Elizabeth Milford: Okazaki Momoko (エリザベス・ミッドフォード:岡崎百々子)
  • Fred Abberline: Takagi Shun (フレッド・アバーライン:髙木 俊)
  • Sharp Hanks: Terayama Takeshi (シャープ・ハンクス:寺山武志)
  • Undertaker: Izumi Shuuhei (葬儀屋:和泉宗兵)
  • Viscount Druitt: Sasaki Yoshihide (ドルイット子爵:佐々木喜英)

I bought my ticket from eplus Japan for 5000Yen before Christmas and it was a good deal considering other cities like Tokyo were charging much more for a standard upper deck seat. To be honest I wasn’t too fussed about the seating plan as long as I had a good view to see the performance. On the day of the show it was freezing as it snowed overnight and the weather looked angry with heavy dark clouds. But it didn’t stop a lot of girls cosplaying as their favourite characters in support of the show!

When I arrived at the plaza the hall was filled with people, it was very busy, I was directed to the upper floor where the shop was opened for fans to make a quick purchase of some goodies. I bought myself the exclusive t-shirt, tote bag, A4 files, and a looking-glass keychain. Unfortunately the brooch bow I wanted was completed sold out but at least the looking-glass was still available.

My seat was on the top 4th floor, D7. I was more towards the left on the front seating of the upper deck but almost near the middle so it was a good view and I couldn’t complain. When the lights went out and the theatre went silent, that moment in time was absolutely exciting!! There were a few men in the audience, but on a larger scale it was primarily made up of female fans which I’m not surprised about. In fact, I expected more females to attend than males.

I really loved Yuta who played Sebastian, his version of the character was spot-on and I really felt he nailed it! I don’t want to compare him to Yuuya Matsushita who fabulously played the previous few Sebastians in earlier musicals, but I have to say, Yuta Furukawa really brought out the demon in him and was one hell of a butler. His voice grabs the attention of the audience and his singing is to die for…. considering he is a singer too and has a few music videos and songs.

Reo who played Ciel is literally the perfect Ciel out there, compared to all the Ciel’s I’ve watched and seen in previous musicals, he is made for the role. He played Ciel previously too in Noah’s Ark and smashed it with his looks, voice and brilliant acting. Takuya who played Grell, I don’t need to go further with details as he is the only Grell I know and I can’t imagine anyone else to portray the character so perfectly. Same goes for the Undertaker and Druitt, I simply can not bring myself to think of anyone better!

All the characters were brilliant in my opinion. Momoko in particular, who played Elizabeth / Lizzy, was on a whole new level. The acting, the voice, how much she resembled the character in the manga and anime…She took the word perfection to its literal meaning. Especially in this ark where she reveals her true self, casting aside her facade of acting cute and adorable in front of the boy she loves, in order to protect him by living up to her family name, a British Knight that carries the pride and courage of the Milfords. I was very moved by her acting and would love to see Momoko back in future musicals.


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