Chapter 407: Strawberry Sandwich (いちごサンド)


One of my favoruite sandwiches in Japan. Under 300 Yen and you can find these at local convinient stores. Cheap, and ultimately very delicious and makes a great snack when you’re travelling around. The strawberries re very juicy, fresh and the cream is light and very creamy. There’s just something about Japanese strawberries as I’ve never had a sour one!


9 thoughts on “Chapter 407: Strawberry Sandwich (いちごサンド)

      1. A few friends of mine went to an academic seminar at Kyoto U , and they raved about 7/11s , vending machines and those Toilets that shoot water to your butt😝😝 . I will remain hesitant about those toilets , but I bet those 7/11’s are great!

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