Chapter 420: Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (太宰府天満宮)


Pass the big red lantern you will enter to see the shrine. There was a ceremony taking place and the amount of people there, it was incredible. You can say hello to Japan’s most important Tenmangu Shinto Shrine! The shrine is dedicated to the spirit of Sugawara Michizane. He was a famous politician during the beautiful Heian period, he was also a scholar he was in connection with the Shinto god of education. So this shrine is very popular for students who wish for good results and a smooth day during the exams.

During spring, you’d probably wonder why not skaura but plum blossoms? Plum trees bloom in the area, many of them are typically found at Tenmangu Shrines because Sugawara Michizane loved them very much. So the best time to catch the beautiful plum blossoms would be between the end of feburary and the second week of March. It is said that the amount of plum trees in the area could be anything up to 6000!!


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