Chapter 423: The Beautiful Creatures of Tenmangu


Alright! Let’s start from top to bottom.

The OX! The statue of an ox is located by the entrance. As history goes, Sugawara Michizane was buried here. When the great scholar passed away his disciple decided to move the body using an ox wheeled carriage. However, the ox refused to obey thus the body was not moved to another location. An ox statue, the Goshingyu is believed to bring you great wisdom. So you will see many people patting its head in hopes to become smarter.

You will then find the mystical creature called Kirin, a facinating creature taken from mythology and beside Kirin is a bird, almost like a cute penguin! It’s called Uso, a kind of bird that is believed to be messengers of Tenjin, the God of Education. Both marks the scared boundry of the main hall of prayers. I’m not too sure about the details of the history but they both look amazing! Lastly the deers, they are known to be holy creatures in Japan, places like Nara will have deers roaming around and you can feed them!


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