Chapter 427: Lunch at Ichiran Dazaifu Sando Branch (一蘭 太宰府参道店)


Nothing beats a hot tonkotsu ramen meal to warm you up from the snowy weather. I went to the Dazaifu Sando Branch which was literally next to the station! This branch featured a Hot Chocolate Matcha Drink that I was dying to try as I was lining up in the long queue. It started snowing and I was freezing! But after a long wait …I went for the firm noodles, a side dish of smoked pork, kikurage mushrooms and seeweed. All so delicious and mouth-watering!

I had the Hot Chocolate Matcha after my meal and it was so yummy, not overly sweet and made a great finish to a fulfilling meal! Also, I had a bottle of Ichiran Tea! Ichiran Tea is a little more bland than most teas I’ve had, it’s very mildly flavoured and it’s called Shikaibi Cha! It’s a blend of both oolong and dokudami herb. It goes well with ramen and it’s very refreshing! I didn’t finish the entire bottle as I was saving myself for the Matcha, so I took the remaining bottle on my trip back to Kurume. Personally I perfered this branch over Hakata City (Chapter: 296).


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