Chapter 437: Coin Lockers in Japan


Previously I’ve posted about a Hands-Free Center in Namba Osaka: Chapter 259.

When I’m travelling I simply love coin lockers!! If there isn’t a Hands-Free Center then a locker is just as good, depending on where I’m heading lockers can be found in pretty much in all major stations across Japan. I tend to go for ones that need 100 Yen coins as they are usually much more vacant than the ones that take IC card payments. Which, makes sense! Not everyone will have 3-7 100 Yen coins ready at hand. And, if you need 100 Yens, usually nearby you’d find a change machine.

Small and Medium size lockers are more frequently found than Large or Extra Large ones but I have so far not had any problems finding them. The Pros: Convenient. The Cons: Time Limit. Depending not the size the fee will vary, I’ve seen small ones for 300 Yen and Extra Large ones for 700 Yen. Most Lockers are for 1 day use but that doesn’t mean 24 hours depending on the type of locker. Some lockers are key operated and some are via pin-codes.

My memory isn’t bad for the average person but stations as big as Tokyo or Sapporo, I may just forget which locker I left my luggage in…But I’d always take a picture of the locker and location. if you opt for the key version, sometimes they have the location of the locker written on it, or if you use the pin-code version, the receipt will have a printed copy of the location and company contact details in case you have a problem. However, sometimes it may just not say anything but the number, just show it to a member of station staff and they’ll direct you.

I wish we had this kind of service in the United Kingdom. I’ve seen these types of lockers at Amsterdam Airport for small to medium items. But not anywhere else so far and it’s primarily something I really love about the all-convenient-travel experience in Japan!


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