Chapter 448: Ever Thought About Quitting Your Job To Travel?


Yes! Yes! and Yes!

The countless times I’ve said hello to this burning urge, fuelled with the words I’m tired. I’m VERY tired. cycles a long and meaningless path. The sweet smell of temptation beckons me to submit a letter, a letter that contains pure poetry of copy and pasted content that only google has to offer. Resignation? Going once! Going twice!


After a few exciting moments of rocketed sky-high emotions pouring out from my soul, I resume some level-headed thoughts. Sorry, it all comes back down to earth. Sure! I’m sick of paper-work and dread waking up in the morning to emails, inputting new orders, obeying demands and being bossed around to fulfil tedious tasks ‘…this is life…’ I’d often catch myself thinking, sometimes not realising it was indeed my own thoughts, shame it wasn’t a ghost whispering in my ear a second ago.

I’ve never been able to keep up an active schedule, form a diet routine, or remember to take my primrose & starflower oil tablets everyday. I only plan 80% and leave the rest up to chance. A repetitive lifestyle can ruin me. I get bored easily and lose interest far more quickly than the average person. My attention span can be powerful like superman. I can focus extremely hard on an assignment that I don’t even hear the phone ring, but there are times when I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast. Then there are times when I’m working at a steady pace but I’m somehow disconnected from the world…I like to call it my auto-pilot mode. It’s probably the best natural talent I have that shelters me from feeling empty and uninspired.

I want to travel.

I want to travel to many places.

I want to travel to open up this introverted world I live in, max out my tourist stay, fly to new heights and see new skies. Be free and be happy!

But, alas I’ll have to make do with my annual paid holiday allowance and see what kind of adventures I can go on. I can not make an impulsive decision.

As for now, I shall continue to work harder! COME ON APRIL 2019. My next trip awaits!


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