Chapter 449: Travelling with Myopia


Or…Should I say living with…

Myopia! Myopia! Myopia!

As cute as it sounds it’s simply the term to use for ‘Short-Sightedness’. One of the most common eye conditions out there where the distant vision is blurred (like my future) and near vision is clear (my present). I’ve lived with glasses since secondary school and I didn’t wear contact lenses until university. I also have a bit of astigmatsm too and suffer from mild eye strain at work, especially when it comes to accurately inputting numerical data.

According to most recent prescription, I’m:

Right: -7:25, cyl -0.25, axis 145.0

Left: -6:50, cyl -0.50, axis 170.0

I have myself to blame as I was very intrigued by a thing called Pokémon + GameBoy at the time and would be playing as if my life depended on it! I have thick lenses compared to my family and friends. Every time I make a visit to the opticians, I am told ‘You’ll need the maximum thinning for your lenses.’ which basically means: ‘You need to pay a whole lot more than the last customer.’ I’ve read up a few things from people who are -10.00, -15.00 and -22.00. As competitive in nature as I might be, I’m ok to stay where I am, thank you very much.

My opticians (Specsavers) quoted me 2 weeks before I can collect my new Balmain Paris specs, that is literally half a month and a very long time. Last year I visited a different store called ‘Boots Opticians’ and they quoted me 10 days for my Kyusu frames with blue-light blocking lenses.

I’ve heard many good things about Opticians in Japan where the waiting time is shorter at no extra cost, I’ve heard it’s anything from 30 mins to a few hours depending on the type and complexity of your lenses, whether or not your frames are in-stock, and how busy the store is. The variety of options, colours and styles are bigger, and of course the customer service is expected to be top-notch!

I’ve seen very unique and peculiar frame designs, some rather cool that comes equipped with a little cap slot that is filled with water to prevent dry eyes. I tend to get dry eyes when I wake up in the morning, but mainly when I’m on an a long haul flight, specs all the way!

I heard you don’t need to make appointments for some stores like JINS (ジンズ) and Zoff (ゾフ). I’m very tempted to visit a shop when I’m next in Japan to get some cute frames! (On my list to do!)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 449: Travelling with Myopia

  1. Ah, good old myopia. I have worn glasses since high school. I messed up my eyes as a pre-teen reading in bed under the covers by the inadequate light of a flashlight. I never wore contacts, as I was not comfortable with the idea of putting something in my eye. I do like the progressive glasses which really are the closest thing to normal vision as they change focus depending on whether what you want to see is near or far. I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago which was a breeze. My prescription is costly because of all the features, but I get a number of years per pair of glasses.

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