Chapter 457: Uni-Don (うに丼)

One of my ‘To-Do’ things were to eat UNI-DON! I found a little restaurant a few minutes away from Hakodate station, inside the fish market which has other restaurants all lined up! I decided to chance it by picking the one with the wooden sliding doors, the last restaurant opposite to a fish shop. It had plentiful displays of seafood, all colourful and scrumpcious looking. It has a big wooden sign ‘海鮮料理’ Seafood Cuisine.

When I entered the chef was very welcoming and I knew exactly what I wanted. UNI-DON! He made it in front of the counter and I love watching the whole process, makes it much more interesting. I think the set was about 3000 yen. And I can not tell you how delicious this was and I could eat this everyday. It’s so creamy, a little sweet and works so well with seaweed, soy sauce and rice. Portions were more in the smaller side but definitely a taste that can not get enough of!!


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