Chapter 462: The Battle of Hakodate (函館戦争)

If you’re in Hakodate and wondered why the Goryokaku tower displays many Toshizo Hijikata (土方 歳三) statues and sells Shinsengumi (新選組) / samurai merchandise, it is all because of the historic event that took place during 1868 – 1869. There’s large human-sized statue of Toshizo Hijikata on the second floor of the tower, on the lower floor you can see the standing statue. I knew about the Shinsengumi not through actual history but through an Otome Game I played a few years ago that featured all the important characters. For the fans, there are some anime merchandise readily available in the shop on the ground floor, ie. Paper fans, Keychains etc. Next I shall be posting about the beautiful Goryokaku Fort Park. 


3 thoughts on “Chapter 462: The Battle of Hakodate (函館戦争)

  1. There is something very moving about battle sites. The statues seem to tell a story with their facial expressions. Husband and I went to Gettysburg a few years ago and it really takes you to the past. Great pictures, especially the statue of the seated leader.

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